Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets

What Are Exotic Bets In Horse Racing? - SifetBabo

Pools gambling’s popularity made several betting options available, and various Singapore horse racing schedule alternatives are open for bettors. Exotic horse racing SG, also known as horse betting parlays, is one of the well-favored in their pools gambling. It enables gamblers to maximize their earnings by placing multiple horse stakes in one race. Nonetheless, many gamblers get lured by its high reward and forget the consequences it brings. That is why learning and understanding how exotic horse bets work is significant.

There are three varieties of exotic horse bets.

  1. Horizontal Exotic Bet

It is a various parlay authorizing gamblers to bet on horses that will finish first in two to six races. There are multiple ways to put one’s money at stake in this kind of exotic horse betting:

  • Daily Double – It is where a gambler chooses two horses to take first place in two races.
  • Pick 3 – Risk-takers choose horses to first place in three different races.
  • Pick 4 – Bettors select horses to take first place in four various races.
  • Pick 5 – Gamblers choose five horses to win first in five multiple races.
  • Pick 6 – It is where a bettor handpicks at least six horses to win in six consecutive competitions.

Trying one’s luck will not be a burden. However, a bettor must be careful to avoid massive losses. 

Pools gambling is the most played competition in Singaporean sports betting. Citizens admired it more since the viewing experience was much more fun yet lucrative. Horse race betting parlays are the most popular, but it is one of the most expensive. Still–many like them the most because of the big reward that awaits.


Singapore Pools Betting Understanding Exotic Horse Bets



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