How is 百家樂 played: rules and strategies?

A few years back only the royalty and the wealthy people just played this game of 百家樂. But this isn’t the case anymore, as it underwent several modifications over the years. 百家樂 is popular because it has the lowest house edge and one of the most accessible sets of rules available for any casino game.

Apart from this, the game is now also available to play on online casino gaming sites. So now, you don’t have to waste your time and fuel to reach the real-time casino. Instead, you can enjoy playing while lounging on your couch. With a more manageable set of rules and odds, 百家樂 is one of the most loved casino dwellers.         

Despite being relatively easy, you still need to learn the rules and how to implement them efficiently so that you may secure the most wins. We have brought you some of the basic rules and bets that will help you go a long way in this game. 

Rules while playing the game of 百家樂:

Customers can play 百家樂 among several players, who will each place their bets. But, the game is mainly narrowed down to two entities; the dealer and the player. Both of them receive a hand that contains two hands. The main goal of this game is to have the hand that is nearest to nine. However, for winning real money in this game, the player will have to lay down a bet. 

There can be three probable outcomes; the banker, the player, and the tie. The first one means that the dealer wins, whereas the second one means that the player wins. And if it’s a tie, it means that both of them won. During this entire process, the player has to do nothing except focusing on where and how much to put the bet. The dealer does the majority of the work, including the dealing of the cards. 

Steps to play 百家樂 in both offline and online casinos:

  1. The participants will bet on whether the dealer will win or the player or a tie. The one who will have the hand closest to nine will win the game. 
  1. After placing the bets, the dealer deals with the card. The dealer and the player each get one card.
  1. Following the deal, the player will bet on whether his/her card will be closest to nine or the dealers.
  1. After the player makes a bet, both the player and the dealer reveal their cards. The one whose card comes as eight or nine will be the winner.
  1. If neither of their cards is eight or nine (closest to nine), they can both draw a third card, obeying the terms and conditions. 
  1. The player can only draw a third card if his/her previous hand does not total greater than six. The same is the case with the dealer drawing a third card.
  1. The dealer then announces the winner and distributes the winning amount among the two of them. 

Basic 百家樂 bets:

The three basic bets in 百家樂 are the tie, the banker, and the player. 

  1. Banker bet and Player bet- Those who are regular 百家樂 players already know that it is better and more profitable to bet on the banker than on the player. Although both these options are on the top of the best list in 百家樂, the banker bet ears you more than the player bet. It is because the house edge of both the bets differs. The banker bet has a house edge of 1.06%, whereas the player bet has a house edge of 1.24%. We already know that having a lower house edge is more profitable in this game. Therefore, the banker bet is more profitable. 
  1. Tie bet- This occurs when both the banker and the dealer end up with an equal amount of points on any hand. In this case, it is said that they have both reached the tie. So, those who placed their bet on the tie bet will win the bet and receive the winning amount. Also, in this case, the player will get the return amount.

Side bets in 百家樂:

Along with the usual bets offered by the casinos, they also offer some side bets to their players. These bets are pretty popular among the players as they provide some of the best 百家樂 payouts. However, if not dealt with properly, these side bets can also give you some of the worst possible bets in 百家樂. Another drawback of these casino-offered side bets is that they have an excessive house edge. Their landing odds are also relatively low, as compared to the standard betting options. 

What is the best that you can place in the game of 百家樂?

When the players compare 百家樂 to other gambling games, they realize that the rules and bets are far less complicated. This simplicity is what appeals to the players. They are already s tired of playing games that are complex and require much strategically planning. And then there comes 百家樂, with its simple style of playing. Not only the established players but also the novices can play this game and win. 

In contrast to other gambling games, the house edge of 百家樂 is relatively low. This game also provides a small amount of benefit between the player and the dealer. The game consists of three basic bets, which allow them to engage their money, and win big. These three bets allow players to join the game, whether in an offline or an online casino.

While debating where to place your bet, the players should look at the payout they’ll receive and the house edge. It helps them determine whether that particular bet is worth it or not. 


Harry Walker: Harry, an experienced blackjack player, shares proven strategies, game theory, and engaging stories from his experience in various casinos.


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