Casino games are games which are played in the casino. Players enjoy in both physical and online casinos. Online casinos, however, increased the number of players of casino games by offering higher odds and hugged bonuses that attract players, both existing and new.

Examples of casino games

  • Baccarat. This is a card comparing game between the player and the banker. There are three popular ways in which the game is played. These include the punto banco, chemin de fer and banque. Of the three variants, punto banco is the most prominent one. The name implies what a baccarat game is all about. Banco meaning banker and punto meaning player. The number cards 2 through 9 maintain their number value as points while the face cards and number card 10 have zero value. Ace is equivalent to 1 point and the Joker is not used. The highest hand value in baccarat is 9. This value is due to the method of summing up points which dismisses the first digit of the sum total turning a sum of 13 points into a sum of 3 points.
  • Poker. This so a card game in which players play against each other. Players wager over the best hand. The introduction of poker into the virtual world has hugely increased the number of players if the game. The revenue of the game shot up immensely when it became an online game. Large numbers of new and existing customers were drawn to the game as the popularity grew. There are different variations to this game which include strip poker, straight poker, draw poker, stud poker and community card poker. All these variants have a similar game play except strip poker. Players are required to remove their clothing as they lose and any other variant could be used to play it. This kind of poker is only allowed in restricted settings.
  • Roulette. This is a wheel game of chance. The results could, however, be predicted mathematically as well. Players place bets on a feature of the wheel the ball lands on. It could land in either red or black color; a single number; an even or odd number; a category of numbers; or on either large or low numbers. There are three kinds of wheels, single zero wheel (European & French style roulette), double zero wheel (American style roulette) and triple zero wheel. Various kinds of bets could be made on the game. Examples of the bets include single bets, split bets, corner bets, trio bets, basket nets and other. The position of the ball is determined by a random generator when played in online casinos or could be passed across to the players by a live dealer through live chat.

End Note

There are several Situs Judi Online that offer virtual and live dealer online casino games. This site, however, need to reliable. Only Situs Judi Terpercaya should be used for online casino bets at all cases. Other examples of casino games include blackjack, sic bo, craps and others.

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